Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Review- Diane Carey- Cadet Kirk

Diane Carey- Star Trek: Starfleet Academy: Cadet Kirk (Pocket Books 1996) 3 Stars

James T Kirk is in the Starfleet Academy and he is a stickler for following the book, until he discovered that the book doesn’t always work. He was just supposed to transport a famous scientist, Richard Daystrom, to another planet, but instead he ends up transporting Cadets Spock and McCoy. While on their trip they are tractor beamed and pulled into a small outpost. They have been kidnapped by pirates who are looking for Daystrom. Can they free themselves and prevent Daystrom from falling into the same trap?

One thing that I noticed right away in this novel was that this author had not read the previous instalment of this series. Diane Carey has Kirk and McCoy meeting for the first time in this book, when they in fact met in the previous instalment. Kirk was also not as I expected him. He is supposed to be a brash, independent young man, not a by-the-book cadet. Once I got past these facts though, it wasn’t that bad of a book. The plot was pretty good and it had a fast-pace once you got past the first section, which was slow. It also had a good ending which was predictable, but entertaining. Overall I thought that this was an average book that you may enjoy if you like sci-fi.

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