Monday, November 20, 2017

Now Selling My Photos!

So I was happy to discover I have sold 3 photos through a site I use, as well as sold 1 photo framed locally. I have recently discovered and have started selling under the profile tpeters745.  Here is a link but also sell through my facebook group Tony Alexander Photography Happy with both. The Facebook group is a great way sell local canvas, metal, and photo prints. Redbubble is cool though as they have a wide variety of products to put your art onto, mugs, travel mugs, phone cases, clothes, canvas, tapestry, greeting cards, and much more. So cool.
Also selling on This company sells a lot of the same things as redbubble, but has better duvets, has towels, portable chargers, and much more.
Also selling print only versions of 10 pieces in odd sizes, on profile tpeters745.

Love that people seem to be enjoy the artistry of my creative photography, as that is the point of the hobby.
Thanks for taking the time to check out my work!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Young Bloods by Simon Scarrow: Book review

Young Bloods by Simon Scarrow Book 1 of Napoleon-Wellington Quartet 3.5 Stars

Napoleon and Arthur (Wellington) are the focus of the book. It starts out with their births and their childhoods growing up, including the great demands that they were put under by parents who are struggling to maintain status. They both wind up in the military through having little choice, but they end up thriving. When France goes through a revolution it throws both of these men into the fray and gives them the opportunity to rise to the top.
I always love all the historical details that Scarrow includes in all of his novels and this novel is no exception. You can tell all the research he puts in throughout every chapter. Another strength would be his character development. He always has a depth rarely found in novels. I did find it difficult to be going back and forth between these characters constantly, as just when you are getting into one character's story it switches to the other one, which feels like letting air out of your tires. Overall though this is great read, but I feel his Cato and Macro series is better. Still good for a one-time read. Just ordered the last book in this series.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: The Directive by Matthew Quirk

The Directive by Matthew Quirk 3.25 Stars

Michael Ford is getting married, but before the wedding he wants to reconnect with his brother Jack. By going to see his con-artist brother he sets into motion a downward spiral of deception. Dragged into stealing a well-kept secret that whomever possesses could make billions. The Federal Reserve Bank controls the fate of America's stock market, his theft stands to allow whoever is pulling the strings to control more than just Michael's fate. He must make the heist in order to save everything that he holds dear, but will he manage to save it all, or let it all slip through his fingers?

The Directive starts off kind of slow, but keeps just enough of your attention to keep you reading. It has several great twists and turns and does get more intense as the book goes on. We see Michael Ford trapped in a tough situation. These twists were not always unpredictable, but were still interesting. I did feel that the characters could have used a little more work. Michael Ford is the only one really developed fully. His fiance Annie is naive, and shallow; she comes across as being dense and stupid. I wish Quirk had her being a little more supportive and Michael being more honest with her instead of treating her like she is fragile, especially in regards to her father. She would have figured out his past years before this event.
I also feel that the comment on the front of the book about if you like Ludlum then you would like this book. I am not a Ludlum fan as I find him wordy, but his books have much more depth of character and way better twists to the plot. The comparison isn't really fair to Ludlum.
Overall I likely would not pick up another of Matthew Quirks books. It was good for a one-time read, but did not grab me enough to keep me going with more of his books.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Four: A Divergent Collection by Veronica Roth Review

Four: A Divergent Collection 3.25

This book just fills in little bits that were already covered in Divergent, only from Four's perspective. I really enjoyed how it fills in information that helps develop Four's character a little more. I feel like this whole book could have been combined straight into Divergent, by simply making the whole series third person. I have mentioned this in reviews of the previous books, and the book Four, just reaffirms this in my mind. I did enjoy the book, just feel that it is kind of redundant. Short stories are harder to get into, but overall I think this book was good. In the future I would actually recommend reading this once you are finished reading Divergent.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Allegiant by Veronica Roth 2.5 Stars

Tris and Tobias find themselves not happy with the outcome of their fight for freedom. Tobias' mother Evelyn takes over the tyrant role. Soon war is brewing once again. They now find the option of leaving the city as a viable option that must be explored. Leaving the city could have other unforeseen consequences and could further shatter the way of life they have always known. Sometimes finding out the truth is what destroys you, rather than setting you free.
I was a little disappointed with this book. It just did not captivate as the previous two books in this series did. I almost felt like the last three quarters of the book was not needed. The plot just seemed like it was not filled out like it should have been, and seemed rather forced at times, as if she was not sure what direction to take. Veronica Roth jumping back and forth from Tris to Tobias' perspectives was kind of distracting and annoying. If she wanted to do this then she should have written the series in 3rd person perspective to allow the freedom to do this. In fact this may have been the better way to write this anyway, it would have filled in details where they lacked. The characters as per usual for her writing, were very deep, and felt very real. I did not like the ending of this book either, it just felt dragged out, as if Veronica Roth could not decide how to end the book.
Overall I think this book actually turned me off of the whole series, this book is one I would not recommend.

Friday, October 6, 2017

The Guild Restaurant

 The Guild offers a unique dining experience. The decor and atmosphere remind me of a modernized British pub. It contained some very interesting and unique items throughout the entry and dining area. The service was decent, although not as attentive as I might like for the price of the food. That being said though, the waitress was very friendly.
 My wife at their Applewood-Roasted Half Chicken, this came with a side of poutine. She mentioned that the poutine was extremely delicious, and the chicken was very moist, but tasted like any roast chicken. My West Coast Octopus came on a bed of smoked black barley, bacon-steamed clams, green peas, samphire, and carrot puree. This was simply delightful and packed with flavours of great depth. I would order this again anytime. The Carrot Cake came on a bed of carrot puree that I feel it could have
done without. The cake itself was okay, not worth the $10 cost. My wife makes way better, as does my mother-in-law. Was light, but the cream cheese icing was not near cream cheesy enough.
Overall a decent restaurant, worth visiting for a good quality meal.

Blink Restaurant & Bar

Blink Restaurant & Bar was a very upbeat place to eat. A little noisier than the other places we have eaten in, but that was due to the very open concept in the restaurant. It's ambiance was that of hip and modern, the decor being Rustic and Antique. The servers were friendly, but maybe not as attentive as other places we have eaten in. Not the best place for a romantic dinner, but certainly one for a night out, sans children. The open kitchen allowed us to see the chefs preparing the meals, which is a kind of entertainment of its own. My wife ate a Quiche with broccoli and cheese in it, that she enjoyed though the crust was a little tougher than she is used to. My steak was served with potatoes on a bed of spinach and grilled beans. It also had an asparagus and pea puree. The beans being grilled added a bit of crunch to the meal, and the steak was beautifully seasoned with peppercorns and salt. The potatoes could have used a bit more seasoning but the vinaigrette was very tasty, as was the puree. Overall it was a pleasant meal, at reasonable prices.