Saturday, December 31, 2011

Book Review- Robert C. O’Brien- The Secret of Nimh

Robert C. O’Brien- The Secret of Nimh (Scholastic 1982) 4 Stars

When Mrs. Frisby’s son Timothy gets sick with pneumonia just days before the ground is to be tilled, they must try to find a way to safely move him. After befriending a crow he leads her to the wise old owl for advice on what to do. The owl sent her to the rats with a suggestion on how to move the house. In the process she will find out things about her deceased husband that she did not know.

I remembered loving this book when I was in school, so I was happy to read this book again. The plot is not a complicated one, but it is solid and keeps moving along. I did not find my attention waning at any given time. The characters were fairly strong, although maybe could have used a little more depth. The ending was also clever and was a great way to conclude the novel. Overall it was a good book and I would certainly read it to my child.

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  1. Nice review! I am also buying up and re-reading childhood favorites! Keep the ideas rolling!


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