Sunday, September 26, 2010

Book Review- Robert Vaughan- Vendetta Trail

Robert Vaughan- Vendetta Trail (HarperCollins 2005) 2.75 Stars

Mason Hawke is a drifter who loves playing the piano. He has a history of violence that he is trying to avoid, but somehow it always winds up chasing him from town to town. Now he is in New Orleans and once again his troubled past has caught him, this time it comes through Rachel Brubaker, a woman who is running for her life. Now they are fleeing New Orleans and running across the country. Hawke has sworn to protect her and he will kill any man who tries to harm her.

I had high hopes of enjoying this western as it started off great. I love the character of Mason Hawke as he was skilfully crafted. The plot itself was kind of helter-skelter though and didn’t really come about until about halfway through. I did not like how many coincidences this book employed, things just fell into place a little too easily and it would have been nicer to see the author mould this differently. The action scenes were intense, though again not realistic and too coincidental. It was an easy quick read with not a lot of depth, so if you are looking for a book not requiring much thought than this is the book for you!

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