Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Book Review- Avi and Rachel Vail- Never Mind!

Avi and Rachel Vail- Never Mind! (HarperCollins 2004) 4.5 Stars

Meg and Edward are twins, and are complete opposites. When their parents decide to send them both to different schools, they both see it as an opportunity. Meg wishes to get into a High Achievers Club at her new school and be in with the “important” crowd, and Edward wants nothing more than to stop that from happening. Listening into her phone conversation he knows exactly what he must do, the question is how can he possibly do it?

I was very impressed with this book. Normally when you see co-authored books they lack the quality of a single-authored book, but not so with this one. They do a wonderful job of creating two separate points of view and you see them get caught in their own tangled webs of their own weaving. I loved the humour in this book, it was witty and out right hilarious. I think I would have found it more so if I was a twin. Reading about these two siblings try to derail each other is very amusing. These two characters are complex and it was good to watch them grow/learn about themselves. We see a battle of wits and how much trouble lies can get you into. I think that young teens will find this book amusing and should have no problems relating to these two characters. The plot was not deep, but it was certainly entertaining. In the end we see them discover that they may be more alike then they had thought. I would recommend this novel to anyone wanting a good laugh.

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