Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review- Andrew Clements- The School Story

Andrew Clements- The School Story (Aladdin Paperbacks 2002) 4 Stars

Natalie has written a book and her best friend Zoe has just finished reading it. Now Zoe is convinced that it is good enough to have published. There is just one problem, Natalie is twelve. Her mother works as an editor at a publishing company, but she does not want her mother to know that the book is from her. Zoe decides that Natalie needs a pen name and Zoe can be her literary agent. Can they pull off the scheme and end up with a published book?

This book was really quite well done. It gives young readers an interesting look into the world of writing and publishing. This incite was very interesting to read about and it will show children a little of what it takes to get published and some of the challenges/work that are behind it. I did not like how over-simplified it was as it is not that easy getting published, especially when the sections of the book shown that were supposed to be so amazing, really weren’t great. The characters were interesting and well-developed; you felt that you really got to know Zoe and Natalie quite well. Clements is a great children’s author and he has shown it through this book. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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