Friday, September 10, 2010

Book Review- William W. Johnstone- Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man

William W. Johnstone/J.A. Johnstone- Matt Jensen: The Last Mountain Man (Pinnacle Books 2007) 3.25 Stars

Matt Cavanaugh’s family was moving west to get a new start when their wagon is ambushed by a band of outlaws. Taking off, he manages to survive the attack and now he is a nine-year-old boy left alone in the world. By the time Smoke Jensen picks him up he is dying of exposure. When he turns eighteen he decides to hunt down the outlaws who murdered his family, and bring them to justice, western justice.

The first thing I noticed was that the back of the book said that Winston Pugh had murdered Matt’s family, when in reality it was Payson and Garvey. Winston Pugh is not mentioned once in the book. Oops? Normally I love any of the books with Smoke Jensen in them, and this one was okay, not great though. I have noticed that any of the books written with J.A. Johnstone are far cruder, which I do not like. I did like the action scenes in this book and they were many, not all realistic, but what western is? The plot was not a bad one either, not deep, but again what western is? The character development was good for two of the characters. I was looking for a bit more with this novel however and so I would not recommend it unless you really like this author.

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