Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review- Elmore Leonard- Last Stand at Saber River

Elmore Leonard- Last Stand at Saber River (Dell Publishing 1994) 3.25 Stars

After being wounded during the Civil War fighting for the Confederacy, Paul Cable has returned home with his family, but everything seems to have changed. A one-armed man now runs Denaman’s Store, while two brothers and their men have taken Cable’s land in the name of the Union. Cable does not intend to take this sitting down; he is going to have his land back, even if he must kill every man in his way.

I did not mind this western, although it wasn’t fantastic. Leonard creates amazing characters, complete with background stories. This certainly helps this novel considering that not all the situations were all that likely, they just happened a little too easily. The plot was not complex, but was not bad. I did enjoy the action in this novel, and how the main character tried to avoid it at all costs, but he certainly would not back down when pushed. I especially loved how tough his wife and kids were. Overall I would not likely recommend this book unless you are an Elmore Leonard fan.

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