Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book Review- Mel Odom- Vertical Limit

Mel Odom- Vertical Limit (Pocket Books 2000) 4.25 Stars

Peter and Annie haven’t spoken since the day their father died in a climbing accident. Blame and hard feelings have prevented them from communicating. He has taken off to photograph animals in the wilderness and she has become a reporter. Now she has been sent to join a rich billionaire’s climb up K2, a mountain that has claimed many lives. When disaster strikes and Annie is stuck on the mountain, they must put aside their differences as Peter climbs again to save her.

I really enjoyed the introduction for this book, it grabbed me immediately. After the introduction we see how the accident has affected them both, and it helped develop the characters a little, but I did think they could have been a bit stronger. The plot was really good and took us on a harrowing tale of a dangerous mountain climb. I found this to be surprisingly intriguing considering that I do not generally read this kind of book. I did remember a little of the movie, but not a lot, so it had some great surprises. I actually found the climbing adventure to be a wonderful break from my usual reading choices. Overall I loved the book and would quickly recommend it to people.

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