Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book Review- Jeffery Deaver- Roadside Crosses

Jeffery Deaver- Roadside Crosses (Pocket Books 2010) 3 Stars

When crosses start appearing in Monterey Peninsula with future dates on them, people are suddenly being brutally executed nearby. Now it is up to CBI agent Dance to put an end to this killing spree, even though her mother has been arrested for a mercy killing at the hospital. It looks like this all could be the result of a blog, which leads her to believe that these killings may be the result of cyberbullying pushing a young boy over the edge. She has a lot to learn about a cyber world she doesn’t feel comfortable in.

This book had an interesting start. It was different, but I would not say that it grabbed my attention. I found it difficult to get into this book. At no point did I sit back and say, “Wow. That was a good book.” It had just enough in it to keep me reading. It was cool to learn a lot more about the cyber world. I felt that it had a lot of fluff and could have been trimmed down to make it a lot more gripping. That being said the characters were very well done, assisting the storyline and plot. The overall plot was also very good, and you could tell that it was well thought out, with a lot of research. I know as an author that it is difficult to write a book and not include as much of your research as you can, but in this case it should have been trimmed down. It did have some good twists in it though, as you always expect with Deaver. Overall it was an okay book.

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