Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Hold Tight

Harlan Coben- Hold Tight (Signet Books 2009) 3.25 Stars

Afraid of losing their son, Mike and Tia Baye began to monitor Adam’s computer and phone activity. They never dreamed that it could lead them into so much trouble. After a haunting message leaves them racing to find their son who has suddenly disappeared, they now must fight to save both his life and theirs.

I never really was drawn into this book. The introduction kind of fell flat for me and the book never really grabbed my full attention. It had just enough to keep me reading, I was hoping for more oomph. The overall plot was actually really good, but should have been assisted by improving on the aforementioned fault. Harlan Coben did do a very good job at creating the characters, and I loved seeing Hester in the novel. Her hardnosed-no-nonsense lawyer attitude makes for an amusing character. The ending was really good; I thought that it wrapped things up nicely. Overall it was an okay one time read, but I have read much better by this author.

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