Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Book Review- Brad Meltzer- The Inner Circle

Brad Meltzer- The Inner Circle (Grand Central Publishing 2011) 3.25 Stars

Beecher is an archivist in Washington and has just reunited with an old school crush. They have just stumbled upon a secret that has killed a friend and may just get them killed. Not sure who to trust or whom he is fighting against, he must try to sort through the murky details. Running for his life, he will make history, rather than just reading it.

This book was just okay for me. It never really had a “Wow, this is a good book,” moment. It was interesting enough to keep you reading and had an excellent twisting plot that kept you on your toes. I did find that it was kind of like a couple of his other books. It also had some very interesting historical details. I found the characters were pretty good, but did not have the same strength I have seen in his other books. It was also cool that it tied in the last book I read by him and set it up for another book. Overall it was okay for a one time read.

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