Saturday, September 10, 2011

Book Review- Ridley Pearson- The Body of David Hayes

Ridley Pearson- The Body of David Hayes (Hyperion 2004) 3.25 Stars

When Liz’s old love affair comes back to haunt her, Lou Boldt is there to investigate. Their family must deal with their mistakes and try to solve it in a way that is not going to destroy them. Her ex-lover stole seventeen million dollars from an account he did not know whom it belonged to. Now the Russian Mafioso is out to get revenge and they do not care who gets in the way.

The book started out interesting, could have been better, but wasn’t bad. The plot was okay as well, but was kind of weak in some areas. The twists were not really great and could have been a lot more shocking. The characters were well done and were a redeeming quality in this book. They play off of each other well. I did find myself wishing that it could have gripped me better in parts, but overall it was not a bad book.

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