Sunday, September 4, 2011

Book Review- John Lunn- The Mariner’s Curse

John Lunn- The Mariner’s Curse (Tundra Books 2004) 3.25 Stars

Rory Dugan finally gets exactly what he has dreamed of for many years, to go to sea. It has one catch though; he must go on this cruise with his mother and her new husband. When he comes across Morgan though, things turn for the worse. This grumpy old man seems to be causing trouble on the ship and for some reason Rory finds himself drawn into the man’s schemes.

I was not sure whether or not to put this into the middle reader, or young adult category. On the one hand it reads like a middle reader, but on the other I am not sure that kids would understand the curse aspect of Morgan; when you read it you will understand what I mean. The introduction peaks your interest, but doesn’t outright grab you. It does pick up a little and makes you curious as to just how things are going to turn out. The setting is fun and kids should enjoy it. The characters are fairly well done and play off of each other nicely. Overall I though it was a decent read, especially if you like books about sailing.

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