Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review- Daniel Silva- The English Assassin

Daniel Silva- The English Assassin (Signet Books 2003) 3.25 Stars

Former Israeli spy, now turned art restorer, Gabriel Allon is being tossed back into a past he left behind. In Zurich, Switzerland he is called to restore a painting for a rich banker only to discover the banker dead. Framed for the murder he must dig through old Nazi history and Switzerland’s past connections to the old regime. Going against him is the English Assassin, someone he trained.

The introduction was pretty good. It got my attention and made me want to read more. The intensity did drop off and only came up at a couple of points. The plot was decent, but I found it to be lacking something, I am not sure what, but something. The characters were okay, but I felt that they were lacking a certain depth, with the exception of the main character, which was very well created. The setting was interesting, as it went to several tourist hot spots and was cool to read about. It had some good twists, but not all of them made complete sense to me as to why they would have happened the way they did. I also found the ending slightly disappointing. Overall it was a good one time read.

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