Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book Review- Carl Hiaasen- Nature Girl

Carl Hiaasen- Nature Girl (Grand Central Publishing 2007) 2.5 Stars

Honey Santana is tired of receiving telemarketing calls during the supper hour. For revenge she tricks the telemarketer into coming for an all expenses paid ecotour of the Everglades. A Seminole who had a tourist die on him, is hiding out in the Everglades. What will happen when these people all meet, stuck on the same island?

I was a little bored with this book. The intro was not gripping and the rest of the book was not overly interesting. It was meant to be witty, and it succeeded in some parts, but in many parts the humour was pretty dry. The plot was a little weak and there were too many story lines going on all at once, which was kind of annoying. The characters were well done, which a redeeming quality for this book. Overall I would not recommend this book

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