Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review- Michael Connelly- Lost Light

Michael Connelly- Lost Light (Warner Books 2004) 3.75 Stars

Every officer has a case that got away. The one they couldn’t catch. For retired officer Harry Bosch it is the Angella Benton case; one he had for about four hours. Her death was linked to the armed robbery of two million dollars from a movie set, but neither case was ever solved. Now he is looking into it and he is finding that people more powerful than him do not want him digging into the case.

This book was really hard to get into, I only kept reading because it was a Harry Bosch novel. That being said, about a quarter of the way through the pace picked up and things started to get rolling. From that point on I was hooked. The plot was good, it certainly kept you guessing. I never would have seen the last chapter coming if I had not read later books in the series. I found the characters were good, but not great, Connelly has certainly done a better job of character creation. I do wish that he had found some way of making the beginning more interesting. I would recommend this novel to those who enjoy Connelly and the Bosch series.

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