Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Review- Linwood Barclay- Never Look Away

Linwood Barclay- Never Look Away (Anchor Canada 2010) 3.25 Stars

David Harwood is a reporter on the hunt. He is digging up dirt on a privately owned prison wanting to move into Promise Falls, but his newspaper does not seem to be backing him. Deciding to take a break for a day, his family goes to a new amusement park. First his son briefly goes missing and then his wife disappears. Now he must try to locate his wife and wade through all the lies he uncovers, but finding the truth may just destroy everything he thought he had going for him.

I found this novel really hard to get into. The first third was kind of slow moving, but the last two thirds were fast-paced. I enjoyed how much you had to think to figure out just what was going to happen next, although it wasn’t completely unpredictable. I did enjoy seeing the return of Detective Duckworth; although at times he seems a little slow on the uptake. Most of the characters in this book were not really strong in my opinion, just okay. The situations in this novel were not all that realistic, and I must say especially the ending. I was not impressed at all with the ending, it was a disappointment. Overall it was an okay book, but I have seen better by this author.

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