Saturday, June 16, 2012

Book Review- Michael Connelly- The Fifth Witness

Michael Connelly- The Fifth Witness 5 Stars

Mickey Haller has no criminal law clients left, now he must rely on foreclosure defence to support his office. Running his business from the back of his Lincoln, Haller has just about given up on criminal law. Now one of his clients has been accused of killing the man responsible for foreclosing on her home and he has been hired to get her set free. Mickey Haller is back as he attempts to get Lisa Trammel off of her possible life sentence.

I loved this book. The Fifth Witness is one of Connelly’s best books yet. With an introduction that gives you the impression that Mickey Haller is finished, I was captivated by the well written tale of Mickey Haller’s return. The plot was really well done, with great twists and turns; you just never knew what to expect next. It also had a surprise ending that you will never see coming. The characters were expertly crafted and seemed to jump off of every page. I really did love the ending it was a great way to conclude things. Overall I would certainly slap my recommendation on this book, a great addition to the Mickey Haller series.

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