Thursday, May 10, 2012

Book Review- Tim Cockey- The Hearse Case Scenario

Tim Cockey- The Hearse Case Scenario (2002) 1.75 Stars

Hitchcock Sewell is doing his job as an undertaker, making arrangements for a funeral, when he receives the strangest phone call. Shrimp Martin, a local bar owner, calls to tell Sewell that he has been shot by his girlfriend, a close friend of Sewell’s. Shrimp is brought to the hospital and ends up getting murdered while staying there. Now his friend is wanted for murder and he must try to find evidence that she did not do it. He doesn’t realize how dangerous this mission might be.

The introduction for this book was pretty good; it made me want to read more. However it kind of tapered off and got to be kind of tedious. The overall plot was actually decent, but the copious amounts of fluff detracted from the level of intrigue. It had some good twists, but the ending kind of wrapped things up too neatly. I did enjoy the sarcasm of the characters, they made me chuckle. The characters themselves were decent, but could have been tweaked and given more background to make them deeper. Overall, the book was not one that I would recommend.

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