Saturday, February 11, 2012

Book Review- Andy McDermott- The Secret Vault

Andy McDermott- The Secret Vault (Bantam Books 2011) 3.5 Stars

When precious art begins to go missing from around the world, security is beefed up around the newly discovered Talonor Codex. Nina Wilde had discovered this journal when she found Atlantis. A gutsy robbery attempt begins Nina and Eddie’s race against the clock as they try to find the clues in the Codex that will lead to the mythical Vault of Shiva, before the villain does. As an ancient faith is twisted to suit someone’s needs, Nina must work with true followers to find the truth before it is too late.

These books always start off great, with an introduction that grabs your attention. That being said, it is also always followed by a boring section that could have been trimmed down. The whole wedding scene could have been cut, as it was just fluff. This one picked up quicker than many of the other books by him though, which I was happy with. It was very fast-paced and action-packed, something McDermott is really good at. The overall plot was pretty good as well, with several good twists, although it was not unpredictable. The final twist is setting up for the next book, that one was a bit of a surprise. The ending was really good, a great way to wrap things up. The realism was definitely a weak point once again, but it was counteracted by getting to see all kinds of cool places. The characters were also a strong point, although they can be a little cheesy at times. Overall this was a better book by this author.

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