Friday, January 27, 2012

Book Review- S. L. Linnea- Chasing Eden

S. L. Linnea- Chasing Eden (St. Martin’s 2007) 3 Stars

With Iraq at war Jaime Richards is a chaplain in the army. She is suddenly reunited with her friend Adara out in the desert and is thrown into a mission to protect the secret of Eden from falling into the wrong hands. A secret society wants it for the wrong reasons, and protecting the secret might be more than she can handle.

It started off in a really interesting manner that grabbed my attention immediately. I then started to lose attention and only gained the feeling back a few times. The characters were very well done and were definitely a redeeming quality of the book. The overall storyline was good and should have led to a quicker-paced book than this was. I did love the ending, it wrapped things up nicely. Overall it was an okay book, but I wouldn’t slap my personal recommendation on it.

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