Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Book Review- Brad Meltzer- The Book of Lies

Brad Meltzer- The Book of Lies (Grand Central Publishing 2009) 3.75 Stars

Years ago Cain killed Abel, the first murder, but no one knows what was used to kill him. In 1932 gunshots took down Jerry Siegel’s father, leaving him all alone. To help him cope he creates Superman. Only now, years later has the gun been found again. Cal has just been reunited with his father when he finds his father after he is shot. Now they are on a historical hunt years in the making, trying to stop those who intend to use what they are seeking for evil.

The introduction was pretty good in this one; it certainly makes you interested in what there is to come. The treasure hunt/adventure type storyline made for some interesting puzzles to figure out and watch the characters hurry to beat the clock. I enjoyed the fast-paced nature of this novel that kept you wondering what was coming next. The big twist was kind of a surprise for me; I was completely thinking it was heading in a different direction. I also found it interesting to find out background information on the Superman story. The characters were decent in this one; I felt that they could have used a little bit more depth. I also really loved the ending as it was a great way to conclude the events. Overall I thought it was a pretty good book and will certainly be reading more by this author.

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