Saturday, November 5, 2011

Book Review- Sara Gruen- Water for Elephants

Sara Gruen- Water for Elephants (Harper Perennial 2011) 4 Stars

Jacob has just lost his parents in the middle of the depression and leaving during his final veterinarian exams, he hops on a random train in the hopes of leaving his problems behind. Now he is part of the circus and he is using his vet skills to look after their animals. He has now found two things he loves, Rosie an elephant, and Marlena a married woman, whose husband’s mood swings make her a prime target of abuse. Trapped and not sure what to do, he may be forced into action as the circus crumbles around him.

The introduction was very good; it gets you into the book immediately, making you want to find out how this outtake is going to fit into the rest of the book. The plot was interesting, taking shape beautifully as it carried you through the life of this elderly man. It switched back and forth from past to present smoothly. Normally these shifts annoy me, but with this book it seemed natural. It was wonderfully told and captivated my attention. I did find myself wishing for less smut, as it really was not necessary. The characters jumped off of every page. They were very well done. The circus setting was unique, as you do not see many books about the circus, keeping this one fresh. The author also must have done a lot of research and showed this in the book. I also enjoyed the conclusion, it was a fitting way to end the novel. Overall, I think that this book is worth the hype and plan to watch the movie now that I have read the book.

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  1. I remember seeing this book. Thanks for the review. I am definitely interested in reading it at some point... Our at least watching the movie lol.

  2. Just ask and you can borrow the book anytime Kara!

  3. I loved the characters and their situations rang true. It is a closed community to most people. It was nice getting to peek into it, and see what goes on behind the scenes. I enjoyed the book. It was a quick read, but a interesting and even somewhat fun read.


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