Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review- Ian Fleming- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Ian Fleming- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Scholastic 1964) 3 Stars

The Pott family was living the life of the poor in England. No car and struggling to get by with Mr. Pott’s inventions, until he invents a candy that whistles. Now they have a car that he has altered and found out it is magical. Adventure awaits them across the sea in France, maybe more than they had bargained for!

I only chose to read this book because I had watched the movie a long time ago. It was a little slow in sections, but kids would probably be more enthralled by the magical flying car thing to notice. It also lacked much of a plot, just going on about how great Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is. It was interesting to see France and England, as I have never been to either country. The characters were very well done, a redeeming quality of this book. I would definitely say that the concept behind this book is great, but it is lacking that oomph to make it great. Kids will likely enjoy this book though, as they don’t care about all these little aforementioned details like us adults do.

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