Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review- Gordon Korman- Chasing the Falconers

Gordon Korman- Chasing the Falconers (Scholastic 2005) 3.25 Stars

The Falconers have been put in prison for treason; their children are now wards of the state. Aiden and Meg do not believe in the guilt of their parents, and think that they can prove their innocence. Running across the country, they must flee agents who wish to bring them back in. The treasure hunt for justice has begun.

I must admit I read the second instalment before the first. I remember liking the second book, but this one wasn’t quite as good. It got off to a really slow start, without having read the next book I may not have kept reading. However, once they begin their flight from the law it certainly picks up the pace. The plot is good, although not great. The characters are pretty good and help the flow of the book; it shows you the importance of family and friendship. The setting was good as it is constantly changing, so it keeps you on your toes. One thing I was not fond of was the predictability and that is not just because of reading the second book first. I would have liked situations to end in more of surprising manner. Overall it is a good series that I would keep reading, but this was not the best start.

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