Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review- Allan Folsom- The Exile

Allan Folsom- The Exile (Forge Books 2006) 2.75 Stars

John Barron has just gotten onto the famed 5-2 squad in LA, but things are happening within the squad that he doesn’t agree with; he just has one problem, he can’t leave. Meanwhile a murderer is on the loose and he is killing people all over the world. Hunting down this man is going to drag his squad, his sister, and him through life and death situations. When all is said and done, his life will never be the same.

This book had a great introduction that makes you want to read on. The fast pace continued throughout the book, although at a few parts it was pretty slow. I found the book to be fairly wordy in parts, and there was something about it that I just did not enjoy. The characters were great, very well done, which made up for some of the negatives I will list. I found some very foundational problems with this book in terms of probability; I will mention a couple. I highly doubt that in the initial meeting with Raymond and Donlan; that they would have given up their weapons to a criminal. S.W.A.T. would have been called, police are never supposed to give up their weapons, it just ended up with more killings in the end, which is exactly why they aren’t allowed to give up their weapons. I also wonder why the FBI was not brought into the case. When murderers kill in multiple states the FBI should be brought into the case. The ending was pretty good, though very predictable. Having read future books in this series, this book was good for showing where Marten got his start.

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