Saturday, September 3, 2011

Akropol Restaurant

In downtown Swift Current, there is a Greek owned restaurant. It is a small space, but it has an actual restaurant with a lounge attached on the side. A little tight for space, it is still well used space. The atmosphere is pleasant and cozy. The staff are friendly and tend to be around if you need them. They bring the food out in a timely manner, and your wait times for service is never long. The owner is going about the restaurant talking with customers and helping out where he is needed. He is a very friendly man who is always willing to make your experience more enjoyable.
The food is tasty and very enjoyable. I do wish that their Pickerel (which I love the taste of) had no bones, yet you do find a few. The steak tips are amazingly delicious as well. One thing I do not enjoy at this restaurant is their burgers, which are kind of weak. My wife also enjoys their spinach pizza.

Overall Akropol is a homey, customer service-based restaurant.

Rating: 6/10

Kid friendly: Yes, but more space would make it more so.

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