Friday, August 5, 2011

Book Review- Raymond Khoury- The Last Templar

Raymond Khoury- The Last Templar (Signet Books 2006) 3.5 Stars

In 1291 the Templars are being hunted down and are struggling to hide a chest filled with secrets that could change the world. Now in Manhattan a museum is robbed of their Templar Knights display. Murders are now ripping through New York, all connected to the museum robbery. An archaeologist and FBI agent are teaming up to solve this case before it is too late.


The book was well written, with an introduction that grabs your attention right off the bat. The plot was also very good with some great twists and turns along the way. The setting was interesting, and he merged the time period shifting very well. I also had some things that I found to be fundamentally wrong with the book. The author had his characters bashing religion as a whole a lot, which I found to be frustrating, although he kind of made up for it in the end. I do not like to see any religion being insulted. The main character, Reilly, was very easily shaken from his faith, which was also kind of frustrating. Tess, the other main character, is also so willing to believe the scroll she finds is authentic and accurate, and yet she has less proof of its validity then anyone else has in their religions. I also found it hard to fathom how Reilly can so easily forgive Tess when she betrays his trust so often, which doesn’t seem very realistic.

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