Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review- Todd Strasser- Free Willy

Todd Strasser- Free Willy (Scholastic 1993) 2.25 Stars

Jesse has been running away from foster homes all his life, preferring to live on the streets. Now he is with a new foster family and he has a new friend, Willy, a killer whale at the local aquarium. When Willy refuses to perform, the aquarium’s owner decides to try collecting on Willy’s insurance policy. There is just one problem; Willy must be dead in order to collect. Can Jesse save his friend in time?

I liked the introduction, not because it was particularly interesting, but because of the street kids. The youth care worker in me felt for these kids. I found the plot to be rather shallow, and lacking in many ways. At no point did it ever really grab me and make me say, “Hey this is a good book!” The characters were decent, but could have been stronger, which might have made the book a little better. It was interesting to see the connection between a boy and an animal. Overall I was pretty disappointed in this book. The movie was way better, and I do not say that very often.

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