Friday, May 20, 2011

Book Review- Ridley Pearson- No Witnesses

Ridley Pearson- No Witnesses (Dell Publishing 1996) 3.5 Stars

When a psychopath seeking revenge begins to put poisoned food onto grocery store shelves, Daphne Matthews’ boyfriend finds himself receiving threats by fax. When she brings it to Boldt’s attention, they find themselves working the case for different reasons. How many will die before they bring this killer to justice?

I found myself kind of bored with this book at first, but the last two thirds of the book was very interesting. The plot was pretty good, with some good twists thrown in, not all of them unpredictable. The characters were also well done, and very deep. It might have been nice to have seen some snippets of the villain’s perspective to add to some of the intensity. The book did have some really intense parts that made it worth reading through the slow sections. The technology aspect was kind of nice to see, it was amusing at the least. The technology would have been ground breaking at the time, but now it is fairly outdated, which made me chuckle. I would recommend this book to Pearson fans.

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