Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Book Review- Lee Child- Gone Tomorrow

Lee Child- Gone Tomorrow (Dell Books 2010) 3.75 Stars

When Jack Reacher decides to ride the New York subway in the middle of the night, he never expected to witness something so devastating. Susan Mark was hiding something that everyone wants and now Reacher has taken it upon himself to play referee and if necessary, judge. He must sort through the lies in order to figure out the truth, that way he will know just who’s butt needs kicking.

The introduction was kind of different, it draws the reader in and throws a twist their way almost immediately. It did take a little longer to get into this book than I am used to with this series, but it got more and more interesting as it went along. The plot was pretty good, and got the reader thinking, throwing many a twist into the mix. All that is leading up to an explosive ending that will rock your socks. The characters are pretty good, although just when you think you know them, Child will show you that what you thought you knew wasn’t knowledge but simple supposition. Overall I did enjoy this book, but it wasn’t certainly not the greatest of his series.

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