Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review- Shane Gericke- Blown Away

Shane Gericke- Blown Away (Pinnacle Books 2006) 3.25 Stars

Emily Thompson is a rookie on the force and she wishes to work homicide. Now she has been given the chance as she is brought in on a case where her police card is found at the crime scene. They quickly realize that she is the intended target of this killer and he is playing a deadly game surrounding her life. Emily must now outsmart this killer before he ends her career and her life.

I loved the introduction, it gripped my attention. Sadly the next part was the police investigating a potential crime scene. At the crime scene they were smoking cigars to cover up the smell. This would contaminate the crime scene and the evidence. The plot was fast-paced and was very interesting; however the main twist was extremely predictable and I saw it coming early on. The characters were interesting and quite well done. I would have recommended this book, but I cannot get past the twist failure and the crime scene contamination.

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