Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Review- Pittacus Lore- I Am Number Four

Pittacus Lore- I Am Number Four (HarperCollins e-books 2010) 1.5 Stars

When Lorien is invaded by Magadorians, they are forced to send out nine of their Legacies to Earth in the hopes of keeping their civilization alive. Someday they will return. There are nine of them and they can only be killed in order. The Magadorians have already killed three of them and they are in the hunt for Number Four.

I had heard mixed reviews about this book, so I was not sure what to think of the book. I only read it because the back of the book made it sound really good. The introduction was pretty good; it grabbed my attention, which is good or I may not have kept reading. The book slowed down and was only okay from then on. I found that the characters were decent, but not great, and lacked depth. It took a long time for the book to really get to the point. It was almost like the author could not decide whether to write about the romance or the Legacies. It also did not really flow. The plot was not really a good one; it seemed like something a child would come up with. The action near the end was intense and for that I gave an extra quarter star. However the ending was kind of lame and almost made me gag. It was also set up for a sequel, which I will NOT be reading. As you can probably tell, I do not recommend this book.

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