Friday, March 25, 2011

Book Review- Joseph Finder- The Zero Hour

Joseph Finder- The Zero Hour (Avon Books 1997) 4 Stars

After a U.S. billionaire has been hunted by the U.S. government, he goes into hiding in Switzerland. Now he is striking back by hiring the Prince of Darkness to attack America. He is a deadly assassin and is the best at what he does. Agent Sarah Cahill of the FBI is searching for him and must find him before he accomplishes a mission that will send America back to the Stone Age. It will be the most challenging case she has ever had.

The first couple of pages did not grab me, but the rest of the first chapter made me want to read on just to figure out how this was going to turn out. It certainly had some intense moments, especially towards the end. It was great to see the two forces competition of wits; it made for an interesting read. The plot was pretty good; it twisted and turned constantly, although not all the twists, including the big one, were unpredictable (I saw it coming a mile away). I did find that it contained a lot of fluff, although it was still a great book. The characters were pretty good, and had a fairly well set up background. I would recommend this novel to those who love a good thriller.

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