Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Book Review- David Morrell- Creepers

David Morrell- Creepers (Headline Book Publishing) 4 Stars

Creepers sneak into abandoned buildings and they explore. They have the rule of not leaving any trace of there having been there, and not removing anything. When they enter the Paragon Hotel they have no idea just what kind of trouble they are getting themselves into. It has been abandoned for years and they never could have imagined the secrets it has been hiding. Death and fear await all who enter. Those who enter may never leave.

The beginning was not gripping, but it was still interesting. I found myself wondering just what they were going to uncover next. Then when the problems begin things start heating up and it becomes a pretty intense read. I loved the fast paced action of the last three-quarters of the book. I did find that the characters could have been a little better, but I have certainly seen worse. I do think that being an ‘urban explorer’ would be kind of fun, but not sure if I like the idea of being arrested for breaking into buildings illegally. The building certainly made for an interesting setting, which added to the intensity of the book. Overall I thought that this book was pretty good.

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