Saturday, February 19, 2011

Book Review- Michael Connelly- The Narrows

Michael Connelly- The Narrows (Warner Books 2005) 4.25 Stars

The Poet has turned back up after years of silence and Rachel Walling is being dragged back into the task force after years of being shunned by the FBI. Little does she realize that she will soon be working with retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch, who has discovered something that ties in with their case. Now they must work together to hunt down this psychopath before he finishes what he started.

I liked this instalment by Michael Connelly. I am not sure which series this was meant to fit into as it kind of dragged in characters from many of Connelly’s others works. I saddened by Terry McCaleb’s death, but it was nice to see Graciela (his wife) and his daughter/son. It was also nice to see Buddy resurface and how Connelly played off the fact that a movie was made of the first book. Rachel Walling was interesting to see again, although it was annoying to see her sleep with yet another man on the case; this does not say much for her that she cannot work with a man on the case without sleeping with him. It is great how Connelly often ties his series’ together; it adds a depth to his works. The plot was a great one with lots of twists and turns, and just when you think it is over, you see that something else was not as it seemed. I also liked how they set it up for more books containing Bosch and the return of his little girl. Connelly is showing us Bosch’s softer side.

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