Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review- Cynthia DeFelice- Lostman’s River

Cynthia DeFelice- Lostman’s River (Avon Books 1995) 3.75 Stars

Tyler McCauley’s family has been hiding from the law in a house along the Lostman’s River. He has come to love the birds and nature surrounding him, but now that is all at risk. Plume hunters are becoming more dangerous and Tyler must lead a man on a scientific expedition. Now Tyler must fight to save the land he loves before it is destroyed.

I liked this book, but at times my attention did waver. The plot was pretty good, and the message behind it was a great one. It was interesting to see how Tyler tried to handle the situations presented him. The characters were wonderfully crafted and helped the story along. It was sad to see the destruction humanity is wreaking on nature and sad to see people destroying the animals saying that they would be fine seen in museums only. Overall I thought this book was pretty good, but had a few bit of tweaking to make it great.

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