Monday, January 3, 2011

Book Review- Doris Van Stone and Erwin W. Lutzer- No Place to Cry

Doris Van Stone and Erwin W. Lutzer- No Place to Cry: The Hurt and Healing of Sexual Abuse (The Moody Bible Institute 1990) 3.5 Stars

We now see Dorie years after her first book and she is now discussing her sexual abuse, which she did not feel comfortable discussing in the first book. She has been searching for healing and the Lord is providing what she needs. Now she is trying to help others find healing in the same manner.

I found this book particularly hard to read. It was challenging to read about all the abuse she underwent, as well as the abuse others have undergone. It could have been a little better written, but it was truly written from the heart. It is amazing what the Lord has done in her life and how he is using her to help others. It is a very religious book, so if you are not into religious then this may not be good for you. However if you have been abused and are in need of healing this is likely a good read.

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