Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Review- Ted Dekker- Thr3e

Ted Dekker- Thr3e (Center Street 2010) 3.75 Stars

Kevin Parsons has had a rough childhood, yet he has overcome. He is living a good life in seminary school, but someone has now decided that he must share his secrets with the world. A man named Slater has begun calling Kevin with strange riddles, telling him to confess his sins or things will start blowing up. Kevin wishes he knew what sin he needed to confess, before time runs out and people begin dying. It is a race against the clock as his best friend Samantha tries to help him figure things out.

I liked this book. It was odd, as most of Dekker’s books are, but it was very intense. We see Dekker’s usual good versus evil theme, with another odd twist. The plot was not overly deep, but it had many twists and turns that were unexpected and a couple that were. I love the way Dekker gets you thinking one way and then turns you the other. One thing I did feel was lacking was the realism, or likelihood factors. Things happened and I found myself saying, “Right!” The character of Kevin was very well done, but the other characters could have used a little work. Overall, I liked this novel. Another great read by Dekker.

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