Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book Review- Lee Child- The Hard Way

Lee Child- The Hard Way (Dell Publishing 2007) 4.25 Stars

When Jack Reacher watched a man in New York City drive away in a Mercedes, he had no idea just what was coming his way. The car belonged to Edward Lane who has many mercenaries working for him, and it contained a million dollars worth of ransom money. Jack Reacher now finds himself working for Lane in the search for the man’s wife and step-daughter. When Reacher finds out just who his employer is and what he has done in the past, he wants to put a stop to everything, but is it too late to put a stop to what he has gotten rolling?

I love the uniqueness of the introductions that Lee Child has a way of working into his books. I do tire of how Reacher always ends up working alongside a woman; it gets old when it happens in every single book. I love how fast-paced and action packed the book was. It grabbed my attention early on and did not let go until the very last page. Then it ended off with an excellent ending that popped. The plot was pretty good and showed that even in a series Lee Child can write something new, that being said I would like to see him write something outside of his comfort zone (non-series). I love Reacher’s character. He is a hard-nose, no nonsense kind of man, who will stop at nothing to see his sense of justice done.

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