Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Book Review- Elmore Leonard- Hombre

Elmore Leonard- Hombre (HarperTorch 2002) 2.5 Stars

Getting on the stagecoach no one had any idea just what kind of a trip it would be. John Russell, who has been raised as an Apache, but is returning to live as a white man, is finding out how hard that is going to be. Nobody wants anything to do with him on the stage, but when they are attacked by outlaws they must rely on him to keep them all alive.

I found this book really hard to get into. I never did find myself drawn into this book. The plot was kind of weak and did not get intense until the last little bit. I also found myself not liking any of the characters, which made it even more difficult to enjoy. That being said I loved the way it was told; it seemed like it was being told to me over a campfire. This shows just how great a storyteller Elmore Leonard is, he just needs to work on execution.

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