Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Review- Michael Connelly- Chasing the Dime

Michael Connelly- Chasing the Dime (Warner Books 2002) 3.5 Stars

When Henry Pierce moves into a new apartment and gets his phone hooked up, he has no idea just what he is getting himself into. Phone calls keep coming in for Lilly, a young woman who had the number before him. He tries to focus on his job, involving a scientific breakthrough worth millions, but cannot stop thinking about the phone calls. He now finds himself searching for a woman who is in trouble, a woman he doesn’t even know. Where it will take him, he cannot possibly have ever guessed…

I found that this book took me a while to get into, which is rare for Connelly books. Knowing Connelly, I knew that it had to pick up at some point, which was about halfway through the book. When it did pick up, it was an exciting thrill-ride. The characters were interesting, though we only really got to know one of the characters. I would have liked to have known a little more about the other characters in the book. I liked how Connelly ties in the Doll Maker Case from the Harry Bosch series; it gave the book more depth. The ending was intense and I never saw it coming, and it is not very often that I can say that about a book. It was interesting to see the work that Henry does in this book and how it ties into the book as a whole, although at times it did slow things down more than I liked. I would recommend this book to Connelly fans.

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