Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book Review- Max Allan Collins- CSI: Body of Evidence

Max Allan Collins- CSI: Body of Evidence (Pocket Star Books 2003) 3 Stars

Nick and Catherine are investigating a child pornography picture which turned up at an office building. Now they must trust the computer experts to come up with a list of suspects based on finding out which computer was used to print the picture. Meanwhile Grissom, Sidle, and Brown are investigating the kidnapping-murder of a high profile secretary of the Mayor. They are forced to work hard in order to keep the case from exploding into the media frenzy.

This book was only okay for me. I found that if they had focused on one case, instead of the team splitting up and taking two cases, I know he needed to follow the TV show, but it was distracting. I also found it a little annoying that the characters would picture what MAY have happened (again TV show style), as it is pure conjecture and slows things down. They also tend to handle things that do not fall under the CSI job title. Case-breaking details just happen to come to the characters a little too easily and they really had very little setbacks. Overall though the plot was good and the book had good solid writing from a very skilled author. I understand that Collins has his hands tied in following the TV show, but I think he could have veered away from it a little to make a more interesting book.

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