Monday, August 23, 2010

Book Review- Michael Connelly- A Darkness More Than Night

Michael Connelly- A Darkness More Than Night (Warner Books 2002) 3.75 Stars

When who got away with murdering others is found tortured and killed, Detective Jaye Winston takes on the case, but she quickly calls on retired criminal profiler Terry McCaleb to assist her on the case. McCaleb is able to find a hidden message in the murder that leads to Detective Harry Bosch coming under suspicion. Harry Bosch will now have to fight to clear his name, all the while being a star witness in the criminal trial of a lifetime.

I found that this one was harder to get into than most of Connelly’s other work, but once you get into it you are hooked. I also found that at times it seems like there was too much going on, two story lines at once is a little much, but when they connected them you could see why Connelly did it this way. This book did seem like it was more of an in between the other books in these three series’ whose characters make appearances. The plot was quite good and was certainly interesting once you got into the book. The character development was not as good as I have seen in other books, but was decent. I did like how we got to see a different side of Bosch; Connelly showed us that Bosch really does care about the victims in his cases. I recommend this book to fans of Connelly.

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