Sunday, August 1, 2010

Book Review- Faye Kellerman- Street dreams

Faye Kellerman- Street dreams (Warner Books 2004) 3 Stars

Cindy Decker was walking her routine beat for the LAPD when she saved a baby from a dumpster. Curiosity leads to an investigation into who the child’s parents are and suddenly her life is filled with danger. Backed up by her father who is a Lieutenant, she follows the case towards attempted murder and eventually murder. Now she must find the killer before he strikes another victim down.

I loved the introduction to this book; it grabbed my attention and made me want to read on. Sadly my attention waned rather quickly. The book was up and down in the interest factor. It had really intense parts with great investigative writing, but then it was diluted by an incredible amount of fluff that could have been edited out. Part of this fluff was the prologue, which could have been removed. Another part of this fluff was Lieutenant Decker’s investigation into an ancient murder, which distracted from the case at hand and was not really attention grabbing, but definitely boring. The characters were very deep and I enjoyed seeing how well-crafted they were, but at the same time I felt that they were overdone and it just ended up detracting from the plot. Overall I thought that this book was just average and would not read another by this author.

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