Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book Review- Elizabeth Janet Gray- Adam of the Road

Elizabeth Janet Gray- Adam of the Road (Puffin Books 1988) 3.75 Stars

It is the thirteenth century in England and 11-year-old Adam wants nothing more than to be a minstrel. His father is the personal minstrel of royalty and he is coming to take Adam to learn the tricks of the trade. Adam is taking his red spaniel, Nick, with him and when his dog is stolen he finds himself searching many roads for his beloved pet. Adam now finds himself separated from his father and Nick, and he must rely on his own personality and skill to survive.

I did enjoy this book overall, although it did have its boring sections. The characters were well-crafted and seem to pop off of every page. I also loved the setting as Elizabeth Gray painted a beautiful picture of this time period and you could tell that she had done her homework in researching the medieval era. The lessons that Adam learns along the way of his journey make great lessons for life, and they were integrated into the story with suck skill that they did not feel like a lesson. I remembered reading this book in school during our medieval studies, which helped bring those nostalgic moments, although I did not remember much about this book. I would recommend this book to children and youth.

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