Monday, June 21, 2010

Book Review- Harlan Coben- Deal Breaker

Harlan Coben- Deal Breaker (Dell Publishing 2007) 4 Stars

Myron Bolitar is a sports agent and is about to have one of his young rookies sign the contract of a lifetime. Now the young star is asking him to look into the disappearance of his fiancĂ© a year and half after the fact. Triggered by the death of the girl’s father this case has the potential to be dangerous, just the way Bolitar and his friend Win like it. As he starts the investigation it becomes very clear that someone does not want him to succeed in his case. This becomes especially clear when another body turns up and Myron finds himself asking, just what exactly is going on?

I love the Myron Bolitar series and it was great to see where it all began for Myron. This book makes the others in this series make more sense and provides background for everything that has gone on. Again I love his sarcasm and how it always seems to land him into more trouble than if he had kept his mouth shut. Harlan Coben is a master at creating characters and using those characters throughout the series. I enjoyed the fast pace this book took on. One thing would happen and then before you could even think about that something else slaps you in the face and you are like, “What?” then as the scene plays out you get that, “oooohhhhh” moment. Coben is one the Kings of twists. I did not enjoy all the smut that this book was woven through, not outright smut, just talking about smut, hard to explain you really have to read it to understand. That of course was not enough to make me hate the book; in actuality I loved this book and highly recommend reading it and the series if you have not already started it.

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