Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Review- Ben Smith- Gunfighter’s Return

Ben Smith- Gunfighter’s Return (Priory Books 1959) 3.75 Stars

Todd Ramsey has been away from home for a long time. After growing up with a father who blamed him for the fact that his mother died during his birth, treating him poorly, he took off to make a name for himself using the tools he knows best, his six guns. Now that his father has passed away he is returning home to take a piece of what is rightfully his, the mineral rights to his father’s ranch, but his brother and a group of conniving thieves does not intend to let that happen. It looks like guns might just be the answer, something that he knows how to do very well, but change is coming to the land and guns are not treated as the answer by the local sheriff.

The introductory paragraphs did not grab me they were far too wordy and gave a too-in-depth description of the main character, at which point I thought ‘here we go again’, but it quickly got better. The wordiness only happened a couple of times in the book, even so Ben Smith should have tried to grab the reader on page one. I love the main character’s name, Todd Ramsey; I couldn’t help but think of Chef Gordon Ramsey every time I saw the name, made the book slightly amusing. I enjoyed the plot; as far as westerns go it wasn’t too bad. The characters were interesting as well, could have been a little deeper, but again as far as westerns go not bad. It had enough action to keep the reader reading on, which made it a better read. I would recommend Gunfighter’s Return to those who enjoy a good western.

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