Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book Review- Mike Blakely- The Snowy Range Gang

Mike Blakely- The Snowy Range Gang (Forge 1996) 3.25 Stars

Although retired Claude Duval is being dragged back into hunting rustlers and murderers. When people start dying and cattle start disappearing, it has the appearance of something he remembers too well. A man named Lone Wolf Wolverton who killed Duval’s partner by mistake years before, is now out of prison and it looks just like his killings used to. When Lone Wolf approaches Duval, he swears that he has found the Lord and will not kill anymore unless it is to defend himself, or his friends. He wishes to prove to Duval that he is being set up and although Duval hates to be partnered with his partner’s murderer he finds himself partnering with a man he only wishes to kill.

I found the introduction to be rather slow and it did not catch my attention. However the book did start picking up shortly through, although I never did find myself loving this novel. The characters were interesting and that was the best part of the book. The idea behind this novel was great; I just did not feel that it was executed well. I also felt that at times it was very difficult to picture the scene being described, there was just not very much for detail. I also thought that the ending was kind of predictable and not all that good. I loved one of Blakely other books growing up, so it really was disappointing to find myself bored with this western. I am sorry to say that I do not recommend this novel.

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